Why I love Mondays

I love Mondays. I know that goes against the norm, as does loving a blank canvas, or a pristine white sheet of paper, or a new document, but I love them all. That’s because each one is full of potential, each is brimming with endless possibilities. It’s only when the day ends, or I finish painting/writing/typing on it, that it becomes something without possibilities – it is what it is, good or bad (or, more often, indifferent). Each tick of the clock, each stroke of paint, each word, eats up a little of that potential.

When I was young, I remember asking my mother if she felt excited every morning as I did, wondering what the day would bring. She said no, that it was only because I was young. Partly, I suppose, it was. I imagined meeting the love of my life, or being caught up in some amazing movie-type adventure, or a million other unlikely scenarios. And yet, I still feel it, especially on Monday mornings, although the possibilities I imagine are necessarily less dramatic, more realistic, tempered by life experience. Still, who knows what may happen? My agent could call, say publishers are fighting over me (okay, so some are still less than realistic, but it’s top of the list of dream scenarios), or I could spot some new lichen (latest fad), learn something new about insects, plants, meet new people – endless possibilities.

By Friday, of course, things are looking a little less exciting. A last check of emails at 5.30 means another week has gone by, and still no publishing deal – sigh!

Saturday’s okay, always busy, but Sundays, ah, Sundays, I’ve never liked. I used to think it was because of the dreaded school on Monday, but no, I’m no longer in school (Thank God. What idiot said they were the happiest days of your life? Where did he/she go to school, I wonder? And what kind of home life did he/she have? Barbaric institutions, schools. Anyway, I digress – food for another blog, perhaps – or perhaps not). I think it’s just the feel of the day I don’t like – sleepy and quiet, and dull.

And then Monday comes – new day, new week, new adventures, new, endless possibilities.

Happy Monday, everyone.


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