Why I hate the term ‘Women’s Fiction’

I hate the term ‘Women’s Fiction’. What is it supposed to mean, I wonder? Are all women meant to like chick-lit and rom-coms? (I rarely do). Are we not meant to enjoy thrillers? (I often do). Is our taste in reading material somehow defined by our gender? I think not. Am I alone in resenting the implication that all I should be interested in is romance, domestic life, and children?

We don’t have a genre called ‘Men’s Fiction’. Why not? Because men read all kinds of stuff.

Well, here’s the thing – so do women – or this woman, at least.

The term ‘women’s fiction’ is meaningless, insulting, patronising, and it’s time it was binned.




One thought on “Why I hate the term ‘Women’s Fiction’

  1. I too hate such terms, but for balance, I was talking to a ‘lad’ in work and he hates the term ‘lad’s mag’. He reckons it makes all ‘lads’ look like they think of nothing but boobs, cars and football.

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