Tempting readers

It’s all very well writing a novel, but how do you get your target readership to read it?

This question has been going round in my head for weeks. It’s not enough to ask those you know to take a look, because they’ll feel obliged. Maybe it’s just me, but I automatically don’t want to do anything I feel obliged to do. Not only that, but they’ll feel mean if they say anything negative. Waste of time all round.

So, how do I make ‘New Adults’, strangers who don’t know me or mine, want, or better still long to read my story?

My own kids have read everything I’ve written – some things several times, as each story has been written, deleted, re-written, pruned, edited, re-written again. They’ve been incredibly useful – telling me what works, what doesn’t – telling me when I get the language wrong, like when one of my characters called a baddie a swine (cue kids falling off chairs laughing). Or when they informed me that no one under forty says ‘sodding’ (news to me). But they’re still my kids, or my kids friends, partners etc. and hardly impartial.

So, my plan is to create the world around Mesmeris in a blog, http://mesmeris.wordpress.com/  and a Twitter account https://twitter.com/MesmerisNovel , both written from the point of view of a character who doesn’t appear in the novel – an outsider, an observer.

Curtis is twenty-two, and a journalism graduate. He’s a cool guy – likes girls, music, films etc. Just your average lad. The blog begins on the first day of his internship at local paper, The Hound.

The unpaid and hardly glamorous internship, will, he hopes, enhance his CV and give him an edge over his rivals. After all, whilst reporting on giant cabbages at the County Show, who knows what might happen? Perhaps he’ll come across some information on that new religious cult that’s been causing problems on his ‘patch’. If he can find an angle on one or more of the cult’s charismatic devotees, who knows where it might end? This could be his break into big-time journalism.

Or not.

Perhaps he’ll find he’s dealing with something bigger and far more dangerous than he’d imagined.


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