My toad – except it’s not

Very excited to find this lovely amphibian in my pond yesterday morning.


Now, its skin felt bumpy to me. Here’s another pic:


And here’s another:


So I thought this beauty was a toad, but, oh no, it’s a female common frog. Now, I don’t know what it is about me, but every time I spot any wildlife, you can guarantee it’s a ‘common’ something, Despite that, this little sweetie absolutely made my day. Our wildlife pond is only three month’s old, and already teeming with life. Water boatmen, pond skaters, water beetles, even a great diving beetle, along with lots of tiny creatures I’m not clever enough to identify have already moved in. There have been plenty of dragonflies around too, including this Common darter:


And this Broad bodied chaser:


I haven’t spotted any ovipositing going on, and the chaser is certainly male anyway, so it would be a bit odd if he tried it. Still, there’s a possibility that some dragonfly larvae could be lurking in the depths, creeping about like monsters from a horror movie, searching for prey. That’s why I’m hoping for lots of frog spawn come springtime. Hoping even more for toad spawn.

This morning it’s raining. Will be watching out for amphibians. Maybe next time, I’ll know what it is!


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