Writing and art, instead of frogs and toads

I was hoping to blog about my amphibian walk today, but sadly I never found the venue. A combination of RAC route planner (rubbish), and my sense of direction (also rubbish). Maybe next week. (Don’t get too excited – I still have to find the nature reserve).

Instead, I thought I’d write about how I see writing. Maybe coming at it from an arty-farty background makes a difference. I’d be interested in anyone else’s thoughts on it.

For me, writing is a bit like life drawing. You start off with the main structure, the proportions and angles. Then comes the fleshing out, putting meat on the bones, adding shape. Then comes the bit I like best, the nuances, the shadows, dips, wrinkles, and folds – the bits that make us individuals, that separate us from every other human being.

015                      018

Maybe writing is like art, full stop. After all, art is communication, just like writing. It’s just that we use different materials. Ooh, perhaps it’s like music too – different notes, put together in different ways.

The most important thing about music, art, or writing as far as I’m concerned, is that it resonates for me. It doesn’t have to be beautiful. It can be ugly. Doesn’t have to be clever either. Too clever can be wearing. Fortunately, I’m in no danger of ever writing anything clever, so phew!

Have also been wondering if writing’s an art or a craft, or both. Hmm . . . something for next time. Would love to know what other writers think.


4 thoughts on “Writing and art, instead of frogs and toads

  1. Mmm . . . I suspect you’re right – a bit of both. Craft, in that you have to know the vocab, grammar etc, but art, in that you bring something, um, ethereal into it. Something from your subconscious, maybe? Or perhaps the characters are out there in the ether, and all we’re doing is writing down what they tell us!!!

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