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This blog is really just for rambling about writing, art, music, nature, and for recording any wildlife adventures I have. The opening chapters of my first novel, Mesmeris, a taster of the sequel, Infixion (not the opening, as then you’d know the ending of Mesmeris, and we can’t have that!), plus the opening of Waste of Space are now on a separate writing blog at www.mesmeris.wordpress.com

If you do decide to have a peek at any of my writing, do bear in mind that some of my characters swear. Some can be unpleasant and, at times, violent. I’ve tried to make them behave, but they simply won’t listen.

I’m an intermittent blogger, as writing is taking up most of my time. I haven’t quite managed to get my latest blogs onto the front page, but please do take a look at the links above.

As well as writing, I am obsessed with wildlife, wild flowers, in fact, pretty much wild anything.

Ps: All images are my own – I created them. Please don’t copy or reproduce without asking me first. Cheers x


8 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Love that picture. Very dark and Mesmerising. Mesmerisistic. Mesmerish.

    Looking forward to reading Infixion. And Waste of Space come to that. Is it about anybody you know?

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